Precision Therapeutics

At Renova Labs we produce high quality therapeutic products from freshly harvested HempDerived Cannabis (HDC). The crude oil is produced from high grade hemp within 48 hours of harvest and is then compounded to specific health and system based formulations.

Precision and accuracy are critical to our product preparation. The process begins with full spectrum crude HDC oil. It is then passed through a filtration process, fractional distillation is used to extract the key elements, resulting in consistent core building blocks for formulation.

Hemp oil being poured from beaker to testtube

The base elements are then recombined into precise formulations, prescribed by our research partner, for specific health and wellness indications. The active formulation is then suspended in the appropriate medium for finishing.

Man wearing baseball cap and surgical mask transferring hemp oil from one vile to another

The suspended formulation is then lab tested for precision and accuracy and then sealed into a metered dose carrier system, i.e. gelcap, tincture, topical spray, vape cartridge, dissolvable strip, or roll on. Metered dosing allows our products to be safer and more reliable, giving the consumer confidence that they are taking the appropriate dose.

The final products are then packaged. As a company we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. All of our products are packaged in medical grade packaging produced entirely of plant material, recovered as waste from our plants at harvest.

Leading the industry in Precision HDC